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 Suncoast Real Estate Investors Association ("SREIA"), a not for profit organization run by

 volunteers, is recognized as the premier Tampa Bay real estate investors association

 SREIA is dedicated to assisting in the success of experienced and beginning real estate

 investors in Tampa Bay by promoting top notch education and superior networking opportunities.  In addition, SREIA has many Tampa Bay "Business Vendors" that are eager to assist in  acquisition, financing, rehabilitation, sales, rental management and/or financial planning needs.


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Upcoming Events

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Suncoast REIA
General Meeting

Tuesday, November 3, 2020


Networking starts at 6:00 pm
Featured Presentation: 7:30 pm

"While We Have The Expert In The Room- Ask Questions! Rent Relief Covid, Code Violation Hearings And More!"



Presented by:

Hillsborough County Code Enforcement Officer

SREIA hopes all have faired well and stayed safe during this awful pandemic. Hopefully, happier and more "back to normal" days are ahead. SREIA will hold the General Meeting on November 3, 2020, and hope to see all our members and invite any guests that would like to join us.

The Covid-19 virus has even made its way into Real Estate Investing! How has Covid affected you as an Investor/Landlord since the "stay on evictions/rent relief" was implemented? How have the Code Enforcement hearings been impacted and what can you do to help your case? What needs to be done to get back to normal - will we ever?

David Cansler, of Hillsborough County Code Enforcement, will be back with us as our quest speaker on November 3. David always eagerly accepts our invitation to come visit us at the SREIA meetings to update us on the latest issues that are occurring at the present time. Following his recommendations, helps us to avoid code enforcement violations. We feel fortunate to have access to such valuable information that can affect the investor whether they are a flipper, rehabber or landlord. As you know, Covid has had a huge effect on our local government departments, as well as the Code Enforcement Department. David has a lot to tell us about the Covid effect and how it has changed operations. Various situations will be discussed such as:

How Covid has affected the real estate investment business, especially since the Tenant Eviction Rent Relief was implemented? What is the latest on Code Enforcement Violation Hearings scheduled that you need to attend? What needs to be done to get back to normal? And much more information that you may want to ask about.

Please bring questions and comments about any real estate related information. Ask about evictions, are tenants responsible for anything, squatters, fake rental leases, violations, lawn height regulations, vehicles on lawns, HOAs, permits, how much roof work requires a permit, do window replacements require a permit, does tearing down an inside wall require a permit, outside wall, adding a garage, adding a bath, tile flooring, any kind of flooring need a permit, upgrading a kitchen or a bathroom, adding a porch, pouring a concrete driveway, septic tanks, well water drilling and pumps, what does not need a permit, bandit signs, and more.

We need to know the answers so rehabbing can go smoothly, but the only way to know is ask these questions while we have the expert in the room. We all learn when we all share! Come Tuesday night to meet, network, connect and help each other succeed in Real Estate Investing!

Meetings are Free (This includes the SREIA Luncheons)

To all SREIA Members.

All others are to pay $20 at the door.

Meeting Location:

The Ramada Tampa Westshore Inn and Conference Center

1200 North Westshore Blvd., Tampa, FL 33607

(West side of Westshore, between Cypress and International Mall)

Free to SREIA members.
Guests are welcome - $20 guest fee.

Arrive promptly at 6:00 pm and participate in the Brainstorming Sessions led by Expert Investors and Experienced Speakers.  

Some topics at the Brainstorming Sessions will include:

Evictions * Marketing * Appraising * Rehabbing * Wholesaling * Landlording

Asset protection * Property insurance * Title Insurance * Eliminating Taxes

Social networking * Commercial property * Property acquisition

A realtor’s perspective * Property management REO properties

Organizing Your Business * Hard money loans

Real Estate Investing with IRAs * Curbside appeal & the Wow Factor

Proper structuring your business * Mortgages for wholesale & retail

Buying or selling with owner financing * Litigation avoidance


The Investor’s Luncheon

WILL RESUME JANUARY 12, 2021, 12:30 PM

4910 Spruce St.
Tampa, FL 33607

SREIA Members and Guests purchase their own lunch.
Guests are welcome for a $20 Guest Fee.
Lunch starts at 12:30PM, with the presentation during lunch.
Seating is limited so arrive a few minutes early.
Call SREIA (813) 287-1515 to join in advance!


4910 Spruce St.
Tampa, FL 33607

SREIA members:  Buy your own lunch

Non-members:  $20 Guest Fee + buy your own lunch - or join at the door and get free admission to all regular meetings (meal fee extra for luncheons).

Need to re-enroll in SREIA? Click Here   This is an awesome opportunity to get

re-involved in Suncoast REIA ! 

Come early to network with members and guests.

Luncheon starts at 12:30 pm.

Be prepared to make new contacts and gain vital information about Tampa Bay Real Estate Investing and Business Marketing !

And enjoy a fabulous luncheon at IHOP!


SREIA events are relaxed and casual, and guests are always welcome to attend.  Attend a meeting and increase your real estate I.Q. while you meet like-minded people who want to share ideas and real estate investing strategies. 

Interested in speaking at a SREIA meeting? Call the SREIA office and share your ideas for presenting at Suncoast REIA meetings. Suncoast REIA members and guests are a proven demographic of qualified real estate investors and professionals who desire to learn more about real estate investing. Get active in Suncoast REIA!

SREIA is a 30-plus year established not-for-profit members association dedicated to promoting practical knowledge and ethical acquisition of real estate through education, discussion and networking. Be sure to visit the SREIA Business Vendor page and find out about SREIA vendors and how they can help you reach your real estate goals.



Membership Benefits

Suncoast Real Estate Investors Association Individual Membership Benefits

Being a member of Suncoast REIA is all about education and learning from each other and the experts. Suncoast REIA is dedicated to bring in only the best national and local educational speakers in order to keep us informed on up-to-date real estate investing innovations, laws and techniques.

All Applications are subject to approval.

Suncoast Real Estate Investors Association Business Vendor Membership Benefits 

Being a Business Vendor of Suncoast Real Estate Investors Association is a cost-effective way to get your product or service to the main stream of active Real Estate Investors, Estate Builders and others.  Read More

Business Vendor Application Form. All Business Vendor Applications are subject to approval.

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